Aug 062015

We are excited to announce the Official Selections for the 2015 Newburyport Documentary Film Festival.
See more details here.

A Farmer’s Road
John Murray

Angkor’s Children
Lauren Shaw

Archie’s Betty
Gerald Peary

Circus Without Borders
Directed by Susan Gray, Produced by Linda Matchan

Peter Galison and Robb Moss

Dis(Honesty) – The Truth About Lies
Yael Melamede

Christophe Gelfand and Caroline Losneck

Fishing for Unicorns
Chris Rady

Godka Cirka (A Hole in the Sky)
Alex Lora

Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm
Susanne Lenz-Gleissner

Human Nature
Casey Atkins

J Street: The Art of the Possible
Ken Winikur and Ben Avishai

Love Between the Covers
Laurie Kahn

The Nike Chariot Earring
Karen Audette

Poverty, Inc
Michael Matheson Miller

Red Planet Rover
Mark Davis

Right Footed
Nick Spark

Seeds of Time
Sandy McLeod

Adam Roffman and Luke Poling

The Way We Talk
Michael Turner


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